Danie and Hugo are sixth generation wine grape growers with well-established vineyards in the Swartland, as well as Devon Valley and Polkadraai in Stellenbosch. The two friends – and distant relatives – began making wine in 2011. This was how Carinus Family Vineyards began.

Danie is from Bluegum Grove, located in Polkadraai, Stellenbosch. With its unique, coarsely grained granite soils, Polkadraai has emerged in recent years as an esteemed grape-growing area that has both connoisseurs and critics very excited.

Hugo is from Fransmanskraal and Dwars-in-die-Weg in Stellenbosch. He is also responsible for farming Rooidraai Farm, outside Malmesbury in the Swartland. Rooidraai, with its iron-rich granitic soil and excellent water-holding capacity, is also where it all started for Hugo and Danie in 2011, when they made their first Chenin Blanc wine.
Our wines are revered locally,
sought-after abroad.
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